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Because You are with me, I will not fear.

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"Dear God,

I don’t thank you enough for the lights in my life.
Each friend, each loved one, a flame.
A nudge in the darkness toward the right direction.
Facilitators of love, spreaders of light, flame givers.
Thank you for the matches in my life who rub themselves
against uncomfortable situations to be a flame in my
darkest hours."
"Friends of the Light" by Joseph Cook   (via diaryofakanemem)

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Can You Stand the Rain

New Edition

Heart Break

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Up making schedules, adding due dates to my calendars, etc. etc. etc.

Grad school life (part deaux) is about to commence in less than a week.

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"don’t kill yourself working a job for money you can’t live with."
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"You are not designed for everyone to like you."

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This should be our least concern but somehow it became our greatest.

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In case you have any doubt in your mind


People can find you attractive even if you don’t find yourself attractive

People can love you even if you don’t love yourself

People can see beauty where you see flaws

You don’t have to be perfect to be lovable 

You don’t have to be happy to be lovable

You don’t have to be anything to anybody

There will be someone who thinks you are an amazing friend/lover/partner/human being

Do not take anyone’s shit for doing what you have to do to cope

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That Boy’s Sharp!

Meet Cory Nieves. The most stylish nine year old you’ve ever seen.

Cory Nieves is running a full-fledged cookie business. He’s the founder and CEO of Mr. Cory’s Cookies, his booming cookie business that he started in an effort to help his mom buy a car after moving from NYC to New Jersey in 2009.

And his GQ-approved sense of style is nothing to be played with! I see you Mr Nieves.


This lil nigga more successful and suave than me, wtf lol

Same shit I said bruh lmao, kudos to lil dude.

I found your son. lol

Lmao. He does look like he’s from my gene pool. I think I met him. He may have been at a fashion show I was involved in. Lol. That’s crazy.

This reminds me, I should start twisting my hair now. Lol.

My child.

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you know you that nigga when you can bring back the macarena and dont nobody say shit…


you know you that nigga when you can bring back the macarena and dont nobody say shit…

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